Annual General Meeting
The Association holds its Annual General Meeting in the Autumn of each year, usually in London, linked to a study day or conference.

Study Days and Other Meetings
Each year the Association holds at least two meetings usually in Spring and Autumn, with a programme of papers from invited speakers on a topical theme.

Past Study Days

2021 May: New Research in Ancient Glass 2 (May 2021 - pdf)
2020 Dec: New Research in Ancient Glass 1 (Dec 2020 - pdf)
2019 Nov: Visit to the Petrie Museum and Tutankhamun Exhibition (Nov 2019 - pdf)
2019 May: Colour in Ancient Glass (May 2019 - pdf)
2018 Nov: Hot from the Furnace Mouth (Nov 2018 - pdf)
2017 Nov: Glass of the Caesars (Nov 2017 - pdf)
2016 Nov: Glass in imitation of other materials (Nov 2016 - pdf)
2016 April: "To make much better glass..." (April 2016 - pdf)
2015 Nov: Fragmentary Tales: A Second Miscellany of Glass (Nov 2015 - pdf)
2015 June: Glass for Eating, Drinking and Making Merry (June 2015-pdf)
2014 Nov: Things that travelled (Nov 2014-pdf)
2014 Apr: Messages in Bottles (Apr 2014-pdf)
2013 Nov: A Miscellany of Glass - New Discoveries and Hidden Treasures (Nov 2013-pdf)
2013 Mar: The Evidence for British Crystal Glass 1660-1700 (Mar 2013-pdf)
2012 Nov: Recent Research and New Discoveries in Glass and Ceramics (Nov 2012-pdf)
2011 Nov: Glass in Science and Medicine (November 2011-pdf)
2010 May: Neighbours and Successors of Rome (May 2010-pdf)
2010 Oct: Glass in Art & Literature (October 2010-pdf)
2010 Mar: Glass for windows, glass for vessels. Medieval glass 1066-1550 (March 2010-pdf)
2009 Nov: Interpreting Finds from Glasshouse Excavations (November 2009-pdf)
2009 Mar: Recent archaeological research into the manufacture of glass in the British Isles (March 2009-pdf)
2008 Oct: Glass at the British Museum: Current research, science and conservation (October 2008-pdf)
2008 Mar: Buying and Selling Glass in Britain 1600-1950 (March 2008-pdf)
2007 Nov: Glass in Architecture (November 2007)
2007 Mar: The glass industry: constraints and controls from the medieval world to the 20th century (March 2007)
2006 Nov: Experimental and Ethnographic Studies relating to ancient glass (November 2006)