In 2006 the Association for the History of Glass (AHG), the British Committee of l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre (AIHV) inaugurated a Grant Scheme. Its purpose is to support small research and educational projects and activities which will advance the study of the history of glass, in accordance with AHG's charitable aims and objectives.

Qualifying Activities
Activities relevant to any of the areas of the Association's charitable aims and objectives may be eligible for support. These include:
  • Practical projects
  • Travel for study and research purposes
  • Publication of scholarly works
  • Attendance at conferences to present research results
  • or other activities relating to the archaeological, experimental, historical, scientific or technical study of the history of glass.

Preference will normally be given to applications for funding for projects either undertaken by researchers based in or with a connection to the UK, or concerning the history of glass made or found in the British Isles.
The Board of AHG determines the amount of funding to be made available for the award of Grants in each year, and the upper limit for individual awards. In the years when AIHV Congresses are held, part of the Grants Fund may be reserved to assist speakers and poster presenters to attend the International Congresses of AIHV.

Application for Grants
Applications for grants are invited twice a year, the deadlines being 31 March and 30 September. The Grants sub-committee then considers all the applications on merit and by their relevance to AHG's aims and objectives. Each applicant may make only one application in each year, and no two grants may be held at the same time. Applications for assistance to attend and present work at an international Congress or a conference should be received at least one month before the event.

Application for Grants in 2022
A total of 2,000 GBP (pounds sterling) has been allocated for grants in 2022, and individual awards up to 500 GBP will be made. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their referee's report is submitted separately and at the same time as the completed application form. Applications without a referee's report will not be considered.
Grants will be made only in GBP (Pounds Sterling)

Conditions attached to the award of Grants
A. the successful applicant must write an illustrated report (up to 700 words) explaining the the work undertaken and the results achieved within three months of the completion of the project, for publication in Glass News, the Association's newsletter. This report is important because it informs other people about the new work and it also supports the Association's main charitable purpose which is advancing knowledge through the study of the history of glass.
B. the successful applicant must forward an account of expenditure with supporting receipts to the Hon Treasurer within three months of the completion of the project.
C. The support of AHG must be acknowledged in any publications resulting from the award.

A form for application for a Grant may be downloaded either in Word for Windows format (46kB) (most suitable for submission by email) or in PDF format (146kB).

Completed forms should be sent by email to:
Sally Cottam, Honorary Secretary of the AHG
Please also use this address for any enquiries about the grant scheme

Click here for a List of Previous Grant Recipients. More details of these awards can be found in Glass News.