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Glass News is the newsletter of the AHG. It was first published in 1996 and is now published twice a year. It publishes short articles on new discoveries and ongoing research, reviews of conferences and books, and notices of forthcoming events.

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Glass News 26: July 2009
On the bicentenary of Darwin's birth, this issue includes an article on his indirect connection with glassworkers. There is an interesting grant report on work in progress by Hugh Wilmott on 18th-century table glass in colonial Virginia and an account of the Ravescroft glass in the Cecil Higgins Art gallery.
David Dungworth writes a fascinating account of the Thames Plate Glass Company, which can be linked with lighthouses, Charles Dickens and the theatre illusion Doctor Pepper's Ghost! Publications on 'Vitreous Materials in the Late Bronze Age Aegean: A Window to the East Mediterranean World' and 'Archäometrie - Methoden und Anwendungsbeispiele NaturwissenschaftlicherVerfahren In Der Archäologie' are reviewed.

Glass News 25: January 2009
This issue includes details of the new acquisitions at the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, an update from the Leverhulme International Network on Byzantine Glass Mosaic Tesserae and an article describing the first 30 years of the AHG, on the 30th anniversary of the organisation.
There is an account of the Roman glass exhibition and experimental wood-fired furnace at the Provincial Archaeological Museum in Velzeke, Belgium and obituaries for glass scholars Paddy Baker and Ralph Pinder-Wilson. This issue includes reviews of several meetings and conferences and reviews of the publications 'Glass of the Alchemists' and 'Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon Glass in the British Museum'.

Glass News 24: July 2008
In this issue, Don Tyzack gives an account of the French, Italian and Venetian glassmakers around AD 1500 in 'the French Connection'. Susanna Kirk's grant report is on the wonderful vitreous materials from the 2nd millennium BC city of Nuzi and a second grant report describes the Jack Haden Glass Archives.

Glass News 23: January 2008
Meeting Reports:
Byzantine Glass Mosaic Tesserae: Liz James
History and Heritage of Glass Seminar at the SGT Annual Conference by David Martlew
Glass in Architecture - an AHG Study Day by Sarah Jennings & David Dungworth
Vessel Glass from Beirut - Archaeology of the Beirut Souks: Sarah Jennings

Glass News 22: July 2007
Open invitation to join new International Network - the Composition of Byzantine Glass Mosaic Tesserae
Meeting Reports:
The Glass Industry: Constraints and Controls from the Medieval World to the 20th Century - an AHG Study Day by Sandy Davison
AIHV 17th Congress, Antwerp - review part 2 by Suzanne Higgott
ICOM Glass Committee Annual Meeting by Juanita Navarro
The Turnbull Collection of English 18th Century Drinking Glasses by Martine Newby
Percival, Vickers & Co Ltd: the Archaeology of a 19th century Manchester Flint Glass Works by Ian Miller

Glass News 21: July 2007
Meeting Reports:
Experimental and Ethnographic Studies relating to Ancient Glass - an AHG study day by Harriet White
AIHV 17th Congress, Antwerp - review part 1 by Suzanne Higgott
Blaschka Congress by Julia Sigwart
A medieval high-lead glass beaker from Oxford by Rachel Tyson
Rituals Connected with Breaking Glass by Sandy Davison
Glass in Siberia by Sandy Davison
John Baker's late 17th Century Glasshouse at Vauxhall by Kieron Tyler and Hugh Willmott
European Glass Furnishings for Eastern Palaces by Jane Schadel Spillman

Glass News 20: July 2006
Meeting Reports:
Glass of the Roman Empire and Elsewhere by Sarah Paynter
Ard et sciences - le verre dans l'Empire Romain by Denise Allen
Professor Jennifer Price
Roman Glass Furnace Project 2006 by The Roman Glassmakers
John Baker's late 17th Century Glasshouse at Vauxhall by Kieron Tyler and Hugh Willmott

Glass News 19: January 2006
Cylinder glass for restoring the pinery at Tatton Park by Jeremy Milln
New Stained Glass Gallery opens at the V&A by Sherrie Eatman
Aesthetic Protective Glazing for Stained Glass Windows
Meeting Reports:
Study Day at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge by Julia Poole
Glass Studies in France by Justine Bayley
Sasanian and Post Sasanian Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass by David Whitehouse
Glass: From Sasanian Antecedents to European Imitations by Sidney M. Goldstein

Glass News 18: June 2005

Glass News 17: Winter 2004
Meeting Reports: Creativity in Glass History and Heritage: April 2004, Liverpool Reviews: The International Festival of Glass and Glass Biennale, Stourbridge by Jill Wilson Beyond Venice: Glass in the Venetian Style, 1500-1750, Corning NY by Suzanne Higgott Articles: Glass at the Museum of London: Completion of new store and access project by Jenny Lister The Wallace Collection: A Glass Trail by Suzanne Higgott Dalles de Verre by Sherrie Eatman

Glass News 16: Autumn 2004
Meeting Reports: Creativity in Glass History and Heritage: by April 2004, Liverpool Reviews: The International Festival of Glass and Glass Biennale, Stourbridge by Jill Wilson Beyond Venice: Glass in the Venetian Style, 1500-1750, Corning NY by Suzanne Higgott Articles: Glass at the Museum of London: Completion of new store and access project by Jenny Lister The Wallace Collection: A Glass Trail by Suzanne Higgott Dalles de Verre by Sherrie Eatman

Glass News 15: Spring 2004
Meeting Reports: AHG Study Day: The archaeology of the post medieval urban glass industry Articles: An early medieval glass-worker's dump, The Brooks, Winchester by Cath Mortimer and Mike Heyworth Conservation Matters: how to choose a professional glass conservator-restorer The British Museum: A Glass Trail by Ian Freestone New acquisitions at the Stained Glass Museum, Ely by Judith Neiswander

Glass News 14: Autumn 2003
Meeting Reports: AIHV 2003 - 16th Congress Articles: On the Technological origins of Glass: Part 1: Evolution from metallurgical processes by Kalliopi Nikita Recent Research on the Assemblage of Tudor Glass from Gutter Lane, London by Rose Clark The Portland Vase: Roman or Renaissance by Ian Freestone Preliminary List of Glass Archival Holdings by Paddy Baker Book and Exhibition Reviews: St John Simpson on Cairo to Kabul: Afghan and Islamic Studies presented to Ralph Pinder-Wilson. Ed. W. Ball & L. Harrow (London 2002) and Fustat Glass of the Early Islamic Period: Finds excavated by the American Research Center in Egypt 1964-1980 G.T. Scanlon & R. Pinder-Wilson (London 2001). Hugh Wilmott on Venise et Façon de Venise Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. 16th October 2003 - 4th January 2004

Glass News 13: Summer 2003
Meeting Reports: Glass in the Islamic World: new discoveries, new ideas by Ian Freestone Symposium on the History and Heritage of Glass by David Martlew Excavations and Science at the site of Silkstone Glasshouse by David Dungworth and Tom Cromwell British Glass Bibliography 2002-2003 The Bear Garden Glasshouse, Southwark by Colin Brain A brief history of M'dina and some other contemporaneous Maltese art glass firms by Michael Thomas Vaughan Recent work on early glass production in Egypt by Ian C Freestone Obituary - R.G. (Roy) Newton

Glass News 12: Spring 2003
Window Glass Manufacture in the Weald by Colin Clark British Glass Bibliography 2000-2002 York Minster Glass from Staffordshire in the late 15th century by Christopher Welch

Glass News 11: Spring 2002
Abstracts: 2000 years of Window Glass and Glazing Roman Window Glass by Jenny Price 7th - 10th century window glass from the British Isles by Rosemary Cramp Glass from Walraversigde 1465 by Danielle Caluwe The London Archaeological Archive re-opens for business by John Shepherd Barometer World - Reconstruction of Medieval/17th century kiln by Philip Collins.

Glass News 10: Autumn 2001
British Glass Bibliography 1999-2000 Book Reviews: R. Tyson: Medieval glass vessels found in Britain c. AD 1200-1500 La vetrata in occidente dal IV all'XI secolo. Atti delle gionarte di studi Lucca, Villa Bottini 23-24-25 Settembre 1999. by F. Dell'Acqua and R. Silva (eds)

Glass News 9: January 2001
News from the Association New Acquisitions in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, 1999-2000 by Veronica Tatton-Brown On technological change in Islamic glass production at Raqqa, Syria by Sean D. McLoughlin, Nargis Al-Sadiq, Julian Henderson and David S. McPhail No Pane, no Gain by Mark Taylor Ancient Monuments Laboratory Reports relating to glass 1986 - 2000 by compiled by Justine Bayley Conference Reviews: Association Française pour l'Archeologie du Verre conference by 2nd-4th November 1999 AHG lead glass conference 16th November, 2000 by Veronica Tatton-Brown

Glass News 7 & 8: Summer 2000
News from l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre Glass-blowing with the Time Team live in York by Denise Allen Some unusual late 17th century vessel glass from Number 1 Poultry London by Hugh Wilmott The good old days - or the way it was by John Clark A Seventeenth century glasshouse at Calne? by Colin and Sue Brain Excavations at Hopton Street in Southwark - an update by Victoria Ridgeway A brief history of glassmaking in Scotland by K. Robin Murdoch Glassmaking sites in Bagot's Park, Staffordshire - Further work carried out in 1998 by Christopher Welch Conference Reviews: 32nd Archaeometry Symposium by Mexico City, May 2000 AHG How do they do that? by Saturday 25th March 2000 Association Française pour l'Archeologie du Verre conference November 1999

Glass News 6: Summer 1999
Cristallo and the Lorraine Glassmakers by Don Tyzack Glassmaking sites in Bagot's Park, Staffordshire - Further work carried out in 1998 by Christopher Welch Book Reviews: Romano-British Glass Vessels: a handbook by Price, J. and Cottam, S. The Hamwic Glass by Hunter, J. and Heyworth, M. Roman Glass in Britain by Allen, D. Conference Abstracts: Current Research on the History of Glass through scientific analysis Marhc by AHG March 1999

Glass News 5: November 1998
Beads of the world - at Broadfield House Crizzling and related problems in Glass - San Francisco July 1998 by Victoria Oakley The Corning Museum of Glass - 1998 Rakow and Richards awards winners Birmingham's glass industry - a summary by Toni Demidowicz and Mike Holder Book Reviews: Gilded and enamelled glass from the Middle East by Ward, R. (ed) Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass: Volume One by Whitehouse, D

Glass News 4: Winter 1997
Fieldwalking glassmaking sites in Bagot's Park Staffordshire by Christopher Welch Romans and Uranium in Glass by Barrie Skelcher The Turner Museum of glass at the University of Sheffield by Jim Smedley Urban glasshouses of the 18th and 19th centuries by David Crossley Lion mask stems from London: a preliminary survey by Hugh Wilmott On making prismatic Roman bottles by Mark Taylor Eynsham Abbey by Roger Doonan A wonderful window by Justine Bayley La Salle des verres grecs et romains, Louvre by Veronica Tatton-Brown Conference Reviews: ICOM in Israe: September 1997

Glass News 3: Summer 1997
San Vicenzo update by Judith Stevenson 17th century repaired stems by Hugh Wilmott Bead-making in York by Justine Bayley 60s Glassworking in Londinium? by John Shepherd Conference Reviews: AHG 'What's new in Roman glass?': May 1997 American Ceramic Society: Prehistory and history of glass and glassmaking' : May 1997

Glass News 2: Winter 1996
Recent analytical studies on glass by Cath Mortimer and Ian Freestone Excavations in Hopton Street, Southwark by Victoria Ridgeway Public collections of glass abroad: some recent catalogues, Part II by Hugh Tait Recycling a late medieval glass furnace by John Price Reconstructing a Roman furnace by John Shepherd Book reviews: Roman mould-blown glass: the first through sixth centuries by Stern, E.M. The Toledo Museum of Art. Glass, tools and Tyzacks by Tyzack, D.

Glass News 1: Spring 1996
Public collections of Glass Abroad: some recent catalogues by Hugh Tait A new gallery for the Pilkington Collection by an Burgoyne Blue moves:cobalt blue pigments in early glass by Ian Freestone Research update on window glass and Anglo-Saxon beads by Catherine Mortimer Conference Reviews: 13th Congress of the Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre September 1995